We are excited to announce that Justin Potts will be joining the Sake Brewers Association of North America’s Advisory Board.

A Seattle native, for close to 15 years Justin has been in Japan working as a project development specialist focused on empowering local food and beverage producers through initiatives rooted in timeless value creation and community development. Past lives include media localization, marketing, education, event planning, digital publishing, brand creation, agriculture, and tourism. His work has landed him in advisory roles with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Cabinet Office, and the National Tax Agency.

He holds a small handful of sake-related certifications, some significantly tougher to acquire than others, and spent several seasons as a sake brewer with Kidoizumi Shuzo, having also done stints at other producers. Justin is an active sake educator gone rogue and tireless kanzake advocate, as well as consultant and communications developer for sake producers and sake-related institutions throughout Japan, supporting the development of sake tourism and gastronomy travel programs on the side. He’s the producer and co-host of Sake On Air, as well as Chief Entertainment Officer of Potts.K Productions, where he and his wife propose family-centric platforms for good food and sake.