The Association is honored to welcome Mr. Haruo Matsuzaki, current Chairman of the Japan Sake Export Association, to our Board of Advisors. Matsuzaki-san most recently attended the first American Craft Sake Festival in Asheville, North Carolina where we were delighted to have the chance to spend time talking about sake and the Association. We’re honored to welcome him and are excited to grow the sake industry together!

Haruo Matsuzaki’s Bio: After graduating from Sophia University, Matsuzaki joined Seibu Department Stores where he was a food and liquor buyer. In 1997, he transitioned into the role of a sake journalist and consultant. He is the author of many well known books about sake including The Sake Book, The Book of Sake: A Connoisseurs Guide, and A Guidebook of Nihonshu(sake). Matsuzaki writes regularly for various magazines and gives lectures on sake throughout the world. He was recently featured in the film Kampai! For the Love of Sake and is currently the Chairman of the Japan Sake Export Association.